Three delicious chocolate protein shakes you can get at our smoothies shack

06 Sep

Doing fitness to improve your lifestyle is a great decision and one that really makes you feel good.  If you are building up muscle and want to have a good protein supplement, then you should check out some smoothies we have at our smoothies shack.

Not only are they delicious but highly nutritious.  You can check out trusted supplement reviews to verify that our products are 100% healthy and helpful to building a lean body.

But you do not have to torture yourself or go through excruciating suffering to get the best results.  Neither you must gobble in stale shakes and smoothies while you cover your nose.  These chocolate smoothies are so good that you might actually forget you are taking something healthy.

The Chocolate Berry Green Protein Smoothie

Yes, we know that the word “green” on it might ward you off, but I promise you this one will please your palate like no other.  The best part: less than 300 calories and 26 grams of protein.  It is tasty and packed with lots of nutrients.

It contains:

  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, with very low calories and a great taste.
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk.
  • 1/2 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt.
  • We add 2 cups of baby spinach to give it the green touch and all the nutrition found in this leaf.
  • We love the part where we mix raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Enjoy this piece of heaven, prepared for you in less than five minutes and at a sweet price.

Cherry Chocolate Chia Smoothie

In this one, we add some chia seeds into our Aloha chocolate protein powder to create a delicious smoothie that we are sure you will enjoy to the fullest.  It is a pretty simple smoothie but one that is, oh so delicious!

We recommend you take this one as part of a great vegan breakfast or as a healthy snack.  Taking one of these in the morning will infuse you for the rest of the day.

Where´s the nutrition on this one?  The chia seeds are rich in antioxidants, a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.  They also provide iron, calcium, and fiber.  The Aloha chocolate protein powder is super delicious and free of soy, dairy, gluten, and artificial ingredients.

Come and get your healthy smoothie at the shack very early in the morning to begin your day pretty pumped.

Mint Chocolate Green Protein Smoothie

Want some spinach but mask the flavor?  We use peppermint extract and dark chocolate chips to add a higher nutrition to this smoothie and to mask the spinach flavor.  This smoothie is also gluten free and perfect for a vegan snack.

We use chocolate whey protein powder, which combined with the nutritional value of spinach gives this smoothie a great splash of protein.

Come visit the shack and get detoxed with this marvelous combination of flavor and nutrition.




Using a personal trainer to help you stay motivated

08 Jun

Pretty straightforward, the first thing you need to note about a personal trainer is how motivated he is himself. Then, of course, you check out how fit he is and if this trainer is what you want to become in a certain time span.

Because, I have seen more often than not, a lot of personal trainers that seem to not love what they do a bit.  There is now way you will get the motivation you need like this.  If you are planning on getting fit and seriously working out, congratulations.  You have taken one of the best decisions of your life.  We cannot recommend a personal trainer Calgary enough.

What a personal trainer does

Since we are talking about staying motivated with a personal trainer, let´s first check out what a personal trainer does and how is this beneficial for you.  The first thing a trainer does is make an evaluation of where you are at in order to design a program that will take you where you want to be.  This professional will be able to determine what are your strengths and weaknesses and work from that.

Now, maybe I don´t need to mention this, but the fact that this service will require financial motivation, it should be part of your motivation.  Now, don´t get me wrong.  I do not mean that you will drag yourself to the gym only because you are thinking about the money you are wasting.  I am talking about the more pragmatic idea of knowing that you are investing in yourself.

A personal trainer has within his duty to keep your body wanting for more.  Let´s talk about will a personal trainer help you stay motivated.

The motivation factor

We already mentioned the intrinsic motivation of knowing how well you are investing in yourself.  There are several ways in wich a personal trainer will help you stay motivated to persevere to the end.

  • Set goals.  This is very important when it comes to fitness but too many people oversee it.  Isn’t it best to set your gaze on a target and aim towards it?  If you split it into small goals, it will provide you with a closer sense of achievement.  What a great way to stay motivated!  The best part about the trainer is that he can help you decide on realistic and meaningful goals.
  • Your trainer will help you remember where you came from.  In a month or two from now, you will look a lot better than what you do right now.  This should help you remember how far you have gone and how your trainer has helped you out.
  • A trainer will help you stay positive.  This is part of what they do as trainers.  The “you can do it” thing really goes with them.  So, you will have somebody there next to you reminding you to stay positive, especially at those times in which you feel you can no more.  In this way, your trainer becomes your focal point or motivator.
  • If a trainer is always in his best mood, he will definitively permeate you with his positivity.  Take advantage of this edge and get surrounded by positive people like this.

Why We Have a Chiropractor on Staff

24 Mar

Professional athletic teams are now hiring a full time chiropractor in their staff because they notice that players with injuries are well attended to when they do. Vancouver chiropractic services had been known to bring athletes back to health sooner than invasive solutions like surgery and that’s why they have been hired to provide full time care for them.

Top Benefits for Having a Chiropractor in Your Staff

Without question, having a chiropractic professional in your staff has some awesome benefits. First of all, you have constant access to much needed care when athletes meet injuries. In any game, there is the possibility of injuries and chiropractic care has been in the forefront of healing be it physical, psychological or mental.

When the athlete gets injured, it could take time before help arrives. But if you have a chiropractor in your staff, you can expect timely care. No need to get in line and wait long hours before your turn gets called. You have to remember that chiropractic clinics are often filled with patients waiting for their turn.

But chiropractic care is not limited only with healing injuries. Prevention often preferred by most athletes and they hire chiropractors for this purpose as well. Injuries often happens because of wrong posture. Chiropractic sessions provide correction of postures to prevent injuries from occurring. They check the balance of the athletes because often times, this is the culprit that causes injuries. When the posture is wrong, balance is hard to attain and that’s why athletes fall often and gets injured.

Athletes suffering from back problems are getting helped by chiropractic back manipulation techniques. Depending on the demand of the sport, athletes often experience back problems. The severity depends on whether its attended to immediately or not. With a chiropractor on board, back problems often get attended to immediately. Everybody knows that the back is the bailiwick of chiropractic care and it has been very effective in manipulating it to get healed.

How to Choose Your Chiropractor

When choosing your chiropractic care provider, you have to consider a lot of things. First, is he or she getting along well with your team? If the caregiver is not a team player, then you’ve got the wrong person. Remember that you hire the person to provide care. How can he or she provide care when she is not getting along with your athletes?

Next thing to consider is the level of competence. Chiropractic care is a real sciences. You have to make sure that the person you’re getting is professionally trained to provide care. You have to make sure that you’re not hiring some quack pretending to be an expert. Ask for credential, experience and other stuff that would prove the person is competent for the task. In short, background check the person.

These are some of the advantages of hiring a chiropractic professional in your team. These are also the considerations that you have to take to ensure that you’re hiring the right one.

Having the Right Fitness for Golf

04 Dec

Golf is obviously not an extreme sport. But many golfers are actually seeking ways to improve their game. There are obviously a lot of ways to do that. They can either buy new equipment, playing more or practice even more and they can actually enrol to some golf classes to get to know strategies and ideas to do better.


However, the most important of becoming good with any sport is to stay healthy and fit. It would still boil down as to how capable your body is. Golf may not be as physical and extreme as football and basketball, but it still requires the right fitness and flexibility.

Be Better

With any kind of sport, everyone has one main goal, and that is to become better and better every day. That’s definitely the main reason why athletes and sport players are spending more time working out and training. They wanted to acquire the right fitness and strength to be the best. When on trainings, you can always wear compression socks to avoid getting sprained and cramps.

exerciseWhen it comes to golf, many are also dreaming to become an ultimate golfer. That’s also the reason why many would go for off season playing and training. Some are also doubling their hours of workout just to have a fitter body to sustain swings as well as improve this arm and leg power.

As mentioned, there are many ways to become a better golfer of your time. But let’s focus on the fitness side. Because having the right fitness for golf is as much important.

The Right fitness

The right fitness. That’s sound so simple, right? But that’s too hard to achieve if you don’t that the right mind set and motivation to do so. Remember, we all have our own physical limitations. And that often hinder us to do our best. But with proper guidance and information, you’ll certainly achieve greatness in whatever you do.

It should start with constant training and workout. Oftentimes, you’ll need few hours a day to exercise, be in the gym for some extreme and real workout routines. There are quite a few routines that are proven effective to golfers. It would consist of swing routines, weights and leg exercises. All these routines has one single purpose, and that is to make your every swing in a game notable. You can always as some professional trainers to create a program that suits you.

Other than finding the right resources such as the Nightly Nurse to help you achieve your ideal fitness for golf, you also have to start examining yourself. Training and achieving the right fitness will depend on some personal factors such as your eagerness, your determination and also having the right intentions. You can’t start it and then stop in middle or when you feel exhausted and tired.

Achieving fitness is a personal matter. Start doing it. Saying it will not give you any result. Be fit. Exercise daily. And eat the right kind of foods. Fitness paired with the right nutrition is a must. Start making a difference and be the best golfer that you have been wishing for.




Why Foam Rollers are great for seniors

22 Nov

Foam rollers are great for seniors due to several reasons.  Being at the golden age does not mean dropping arms down altogether.  A senior can still stay fit and look in great shape.  Foam rollers for seniors are an excellent resource for them.

Foam rollers for seniors are nice, gentle, and targeted.  It has the great benefit of providing massage and keeping muscles ready for action.  But the keyword here is myofascial release.  This is the major benefit seniors get from using  a foam roller.

The connective tissue

The fascia, or connective tissue, is of great concern for seniors   Since an early age, it is important to take care of this tissue.  The condition of the fascia is affected by age.  A compromised connective tissue restricts movement and can make it painful to move.

This layer requires water in order for it to stay healthy.  However, aging causes this water-keeping properties to diminish.  Even though you cannot restore this tissue, you can defintivily make it last longer and avoid muscle pain through a myofascial release.  This is where foam rollers for seniors come in.

Myofascial release

A self myofascial release is very useful at keeping the fascia in good shape.  This is translated into a much-needed larger range of motion.  This is done since foam-rolling increases the hydration and flexibility of the fascia.

It has been proven that rolling over a stiff muscle produces muscle knots to disappear.  The trick when foam-rolling is to combine movement and pressure.  You should take it easy and that is why foam rollers are designed the way they are.  Now, seniors must be careful with the amount of pressure they apply while foam rolling.

But the benefits of myofascial release do not stop there.  Even chronic headaches can be alleviated with the proper foam rolling around the head.

A great time of the day for foam rolling could perfectly be before performing a physical ativity.  This loosens up the muscles and fascia and prevents stiffness.

The best foam roller is out there

Finding the best foam roller for a senior is not that complicated.  It will depend on what part of the body they wish to massage.  There are special types if you are looking for alleviating a headache.  If you want to go bold, you can try a foam roller designed for tougher tasks.

Live a healthy life while been a senior through a great myofascial release using a foam roller.  Do not know what to chose yet?  No worries.  Fitness Foam Rollers has the best selection for foam rollers for seniors.  You can select your favorite or the one that better fits your conditions at a great price.

Happy rolling!

Staying in Shape for Golf

10 Nov


Golf is isn’t as extreme as other sports. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to keep your body in shape. During off season, where the weather becomes colder, most golf enthusiasts are starting to focus more on how to get fit and stay in shape to get themselves ready for the next season.


Just like any other sports, playing golf might still cause you some injuries if you don’t maintain a healthy and fit body. There’s so much more to learn how to do right with golf. A simple swing might twist your shoulders if you don’t do it right.

There are so many ways for you to be able to stay in shape for golf. It’s time for us to keep a closer look on some of the effective tips to get in shape.

Be in Shape

This apply to any kind of sport. Getting in shape is one of the most important thing that you need to keep in mind if you are into some sports. There are many reasons why. Just like what Brace Access are suggesting, if you don’t want to get into some severe injury which might be a career ending one, make sure to stretch those muscles out.

When you are in shape you’d get to take advantage of some important benefits. First, you don’t get yourself into some serious injuries. Second, you’ll definitely improve your performance. Since your body is in good shape, you won’t get tired easily. You’re up for some challenge. Most of all, you are able to enjoy playing the sport in much longer period of time.

Fitness is Important

golf2Since fitness is important, it’s up for you to do something about it. There are a lot of routines and exercises that you can do to get fit and be ready for golf. You can focus on the most essential parts of your body that you need for golfing such as your arms, your wrist, your hips and your legs. Most of this exercises you can do at home and you don’t need to go to the gym. Or you can always get yourself into a training program and get a fitness coach if you want to.

So start from your arms and wrists which you need to have a perfect swing. You can use a dumbbell and start to curl up your wrist repeatedly. It’s the best way to gain wrist strength or you mind end up needing a braces for golfer’s elbow. A strong wrist is what you need to produce strong and perfect swing. You also need to have a strong core, from your hips to your legs. You need a certain level of flexibility and stability at the same time. Exercises for flexibility, stability and mobility for golfers are critical. You can do some back presses, or some planking routines.

Eat Right

In addition to all the exercises and routines, you also need to have a healthy diet. You can maintain a good shape if you have a healthy body. And that would mean that you eat healthy. As much as possible avoid fatty and unhealthy food. That’s the best way to keep your body in shape.


Fitness Center Updates

15 Sep

fit_centOur fitness center has been recently fitted with some new equipment, which required a little reorganization. Members may notice these changes throughout the next month as we finalize the new arrangement of equipment, but don’t worry, nothing you loved using before is gone. If you can’t find a particular piece of equipment that you are interested in, please let one of our trainers or fitness center staff know and they will be able to direct you.

These updates are not meant to inconvenience our members, rather, we will now be providing some new equipment and services that any of our members can use. While much of it is not golf-specific, it helps to round out our fitness center, allowing you to get even more out of our beautiful country club! Here is a summary of the newly added equipment and associated classes that will be planned in the future.

New Equipment

More exercise balls – Due to popular demand, we have outfitted our fitness center with more exercise balls of various sizes. This will cut down on wait times during peak hours, and also promotes the use of exercise balls during certain exercises, which allows you to work on core strengthening and stability.

Universal machine – This is a new exercise machine that looks pretty bulky, but it’s because you can perform multiple exercises on the same machine in a very controlled manner. These exercises include seated shoulder press, leg extensions, assisted pull-ups, and two bars with a sliding component for customized exercises.

More elastic bands – Many of our members are active individuals that, at some point, have experienced sports-related injuries in their past. On top of that, we all know how other nagging injuries and conditions can affect our day-to-day activities. Therefore, there has been a lot of demand for more products that you may find in settings such as a physiotherapy clinic. The bulk of this includes a variety of resistance/elastic tubing, Thera-band, and various forms of exercise foam rollers.

Boxing equipment – With some very generous 2nd-hand contributions courteous of a couple different boxing gyms in the city, we have been able to set up a couple nice pieces of boxing equipment so our members can release some of that stress after a frustrating round on the links! At this point, we have currently installed two heavy bags of different weights and one speed bag, but we should have more on the way. We have 6 different sets of communal boxing gloves that are available to use, all of which are cleaned daily by our fitness center staff, but you are also welcome to bring your own as long as they are over 8oz.


While not yet fully arranged, we encourage you to keep an eye on the schedule or postings on our main lobby bulletin board for new classes. These classes will likely consist of some basic self defense classes, stretching classes, practical exercises you can do with resistance tubing or Thera-band, and some classes on how to incorporate more core strength and stability into your workouts.


Meet Your Fitness Goals at the Country Club

Meet Your Fitness Goals at the Country Club
31 Aug

Staying healthy and in shape is challenging enough, so if you’re going to make a commitment to good living do something you enjoy.  Most people think of gyms and fitness centers when it comes to working out, but you meet your fitness goals at the country club instead.  You’re probably thinking that a country club is some exclusive thing only there for rich people.

That’s not completely true and they have a lot more to offer than a simple gym.  It has a really good social component; country clubs were originally social clubs that gradually added things like tennis courts and golf courses.  The number of activities you can participate in is much greater than even the best gyms.  You can play golf, tennis and use the fitness facilities all for one membership fee instead of several.  So how can a country club help you achieve fitness goals.  Here is a virtual tour to see what is offered at a country club.

Create a routine

Exercise has to become a habit and not an interruption of your daily life.  Life is filled with distractions and keeping a commitment to fitness is harder than ever, exercise or the gym simply doesn’t show up on our radar.  Take advantage of the social element of a country club and book a weekly tennis game or round of golf with another member.  You are more likely to hold to your commitments if other people help you.  Work the buddy system in the weight room too, there is more than likely someone just like you trying to stick to their goals, make it easier for yourselves and work together.

Join a club

There are country club all over that are extremely well equipped for a bunch of different activities.  Golf and tennis aren’t the only sports available, try a squash game for something different or even just jump in the pool and do some laps.  It’s a good place to pick up a new skill in a safe environment.  Take part in some group activities, be brave and try dancing or something new.  You will get the chance to meet new people who are likely in the same situation as you.

Don’t wait

Research has linked our sense of well being closely to our social situations and the social contacts we maintain…that doesn’t include Facebook, we’re talking real interaction.  Exercise has also been known to fight depression, it releases endorphins in the brain that govern how we feel and our mood.  Use the good feeling from the first session to motivate you to keep coming back.

Don’t hesitate any longer get to the nearest country club and sign up for a tour.

Choosing the Right Fitness Center

Choosing the Right Fitness Center
30 Aug

Fitness centers are pretty common and your choices for membership are pretty varied.  You can choose from expensive country club facilities that offer the same as an average fitness facility plus golf, tennis and full spa facilities or you can opt for the no frills gym with a couple of treadmills and some weights.  It can make choosing the right fitness center difficult.  All the bells and whistles always sound nice but are you going to use them enough to justify the cost?

Before you plunk down your hard earned cash on any fitness center you need to figure out what your fitness goals are.  What type of workout do you enjoy and which will you stick with.  Once you have that figured out now you need to match facilities with your goals.  Once you have the fitness center picked out it’s time to take a tour, check out the equipment and meet the staff.  Here are some questions to ask before you agree to any commitment.

  1. What are the hours and is it conveniently located? You need to make going to the fitness center as easy as possible otherwise you will just blow it off. Find a place that is either close to home or to your work.  If you work shift work or any type of odd hours make sure it is open during the times you are most likely to work out.
  2. Is the facility clean and well maintained? Are the changing areas and the showers clean? Are you going to enjoy spending time here, don’t overlook the environment, if you’re not comfortable don’t waste your time.
  3. Does it have modern and up to date equipment? Not only does the equipment need to be up to date there needs to be enough of it, nobody wants to wait around form machines every time you go to the gym.
  4. Do they offer the type of fitness classes that you are looking to take? Are they at convenient times? If you’re looking for yoga classes but the only offer them at 11am when you’re at work, that’s not going to work for you.
  5. What kind of training do the staff have, are they qualified instructors or are they there to sell memberships? Do they have personal trainers for you to work with and are they certified?
  6. Are there any child care, towel services or saunas available? To some these may be perks but for others they are the deal breakers.
  7. What is the cost and the details of the contract? Most fitness centers are going to make you sign an agreement for anywhere from three months to one year. Some will bill you monthly and others will want the entire amount up front.  You need to look at the fine print, some contracts are pretty straight forward and in other cases getting divorced is easier and less expensive than trying to get out of your gym membership.

If the fitness center won’t let you try before you buy with a free pass for a week or so then you should probably take a pass.  Larger fitness facilities will not only do that for you then use it as a sales tool.  Use your trial at the time of day you plan on working out, it will give you a more accurate idea of the availability of machines and cleanliness of the whole facility.

At the end of the day pick the one that gives you the best value for your money, fitness centers can be a great investment in your health…but only if you use them.