Meet Your Fitness Goals at the Country Club

Meet Your Fitness Goals at the Country Club
31 Aug

Staying healthy and in shape is challenging enough, so if you’re going to make a commitment to good living do something you enjoy.  Most people think of gyms and fitness centers when it comes to working out, but you meet your fitness goals at the country club instead.  You’re probably thinking that a country club is some exclusive thing only there for rich people.

That’s not completely true and they have a lot more to offer than a simple gym.  It has a really good social component; country clubs were originally social clubs that gradually added things like tennis courts and golf courses.  The number of activities you can participate in is much greater than even the best gyms.  You can play golf, tennis and use the fitness facilities all for one membership fee instead of several.  So how can a country club help you achieve fitness goals.  Here is a virtual tour to see what is offered at a country club.

Create a routine

Exercise has to become a habit and not an interruption of your daily life.  Life is filled with distractions and keeping a commitment to fitness is harder than ever, exercise or the gym simply doesn’t show up on our radar.  Take advantage of the social element of a country club and book a weekly tennis game or round of golf with another member.  You are more likely to hold to your commitments if other people help you.  Work the buddy system in the weight room too, there is more than likely someone just like you trying to stick to their goals, make it easier for yourselves and work together.

Join a club

There are country club all over that are extremely well equipped for a bunch of different activities.  Golf and tennis aren’t the only sports available, try a squash game for something different or even just jump in the pool and do some laps.  It’s a good place to pick up a new skill in a safe environment.  Take part in some group activities, be brave and try dancing or something new.  You will get the chance to meet new people who are likely in the same situation as you.

Don’t wait

Research has linked our sense of well being closely to our social situations and the social contacts we maintain…that doesn’t include Facebook, we’re talking real interaction.  Exercise has also been known to fight depression, it releases endorphins in the brain that govern how we feel and our mood.  Use the good feeling from the first session to motivate you to keep coming back.

Don’t hesitate any longer get to the nearest country club and sign up for a tour.

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