Why Foam Rollers are great for seniors

22 Nov

Foam rollers are great for seniors due to several reasons.  Being at the golden age does not mean dropping arms down altogether.  A senior can still stay fit and look in great shape.  Foam rollers for seniors are an excellent resource for them.

Foam rollers for seniors are nice, gentle, and targeted.  It has the great benefit of providing massage and keeping muscles ready for action.  But the keyword here is myofascial release.  This is the major benefit seniors get from using  a foam roller.

The connective tissue

The fascia, or connective tissue, is of great concern for seniors   Since an early age, it is important to take care of this tissue.  The condition of the fascia is affected by age.  A compromised connective tissue restricts movement and can make it painful to move.

This layer requires water in order for it to stay healthy.  However, aging causes this water-keeping properties to diminish.  Even though you cannot restore this tissue, you can defintivily make it last longer and avoid muscle pain through a myofascial release.  This is where foam rollers for seniors come in.

Myofascial release

A self myofascial release is very useful at keeping the fascia in good shape.  This is translated into a much-needed larger range of motion.  This is done since foam-rolling increases the hydration and flexibility of the fascia.

It has been proven that rolling over a stiff muscle produces muscle knots to disappear.  The trick when foam-rolling is to combine movement and pressure.  You should take it easy and that is why foam rollers are designed the way they are.  Now, seniors must be careful with the amount of pressure they apply while foam rolling.

But the benefits of myofascial release do not stop there.  Even chronic headaches can be alleviated with the proper foam rolling around the head.

A great time of the day for foam rolling could perfectly be before performing a physical ativity.  This loosens up the muscles and fascia and prevents stiffness.

The best foam roller is out there

Finding the best foam roller for a senior is not that complicated.  It will depend on what part of the body they wish to massage.  There are special types if you are looking for alleviating a headache.  If you want to go bold, you can try a foam roller designed for tougher tasks.

Live a healthy life while been a senior through a great myofascial release using a foam roller.  Do not know what to chose yet?  No worries.  Fitness Foam Rollers has the best selection for foam rollers for seniors.  You can select your favorite or the one that better fits your conditions at a great price.

Happy rolling!

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