Using a personal trainer to help you stay motivated

08 Jun

Pretty straightforward, the first thing you need to note about a personal trainer is how motivated he is himself. Then, of course, you check out how fit he is and if this trainer is what you want to become in a certain time span.

Because, I have seen more often than not, a lot of personal trainers that seem to not love what they do a bit.  There is now way you will get the motivation you need like this.  If you are planning on getting fit and seriously working out, congratulations.  You have taken one of the best decisions of your life.  We cannot recommend a personal trainer Calgary enough.

What a personal trainer does

Since we are talking about staying motivated with a personal trainer, let´s first check out what a personal trainer does and how is this beneficial for you.  The first thing a trainer does is make an evaluation of where you are at in order to design a program that will take you where you want to be.  This professional will be able to determine what are your strengths and weaknesses and work from that.

Now, maybe I don´t need to mention this, but the fact that this service will require financial motivation, it should be part of your motivation.  Now, don´t get me wrong.  I do not mean that you will drag yourself to the gym only because you are thinking about the money you are wasting.  I am talking about the more pragmatic idea of knowing that you are investing in yourself.

A personal trainer has within his duty to keep your body wanting for more.  Let´s talk about will a personal trainer help you stay motivated.

The motivation factor

We already mentioned the intrinsic motivation of knowing how well you are investing in yourself.  There are several ways in wich a personal trainer will help you stay motivated to persevere to the end.

  • Set goals.  This is very important when it comes to fitness but too many people oversee it.  Isn’t it best to set your gaze on a target and aim towards it?  If you split it into small goals, it will provide you with a closer sense of achievement.  What a great way to stay motivated!  The best part about the trainer is that he can help you decide on realistic and meaningful goals.
  • Your trainer will help you remember where you came from.  In a month or two from now, you will look a lot better than what you do right now.  This should help you remember how far you have gone and how your trainer has helped you out.
  • A trainer will help you stay positive.  This is part of what they do as trainers.  The “you can do it” thing really goes with them.  So, you will have somebody there next to you reminding you to stay positive, especially at those times in which you feel you can no more.  In this way, your trainer becomes your focal point or motivator.
  • If a trainer is always in his best mood, he will definitively permeate you with his positivity.  Take advantage of this edge and get surrounded by positive people like this.

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